Terms of use...

The wait list is an estimate of how long you will wait for your design. This varies based on how many revisions are made.

A PayPal invoice is sent to the customer via email. By submitting your payment via PayPal, you are agreeing to my terms of use.

Due to the nature of the blog design business, Sole 17 Designs does not issue refunds for payments made for any reason.

In the event that you cancel your order, Sole 17 Designs does not issue refunds. You will lose your full payment.

All communication is conducted via email. Please check your email frequently as I may have questions for you regarding your design. If I have attempted to make contact with you and I get no response for a period of one business week, your name will be moved down on the wait list so that I can proceed with my other customers. If I do not hear from you for two business weeks, without notice, the design will be dropped and no refunds will be issued.

Most blog designs use digital scrapbook kits and/or elements. I cannot share these files with you and they will only be used for your blog. Once your blog is complete and you are satisfied with the design, I discard your files. If you would like for me to store your files, I will do so for $10. Please clarify this upon placing your order.

Sole 17 Designs is not liable for any photos or design elements provided by the customer. Please be sure to have permission before submitting any elements or photography to use in your design.

With each blog makeover, credit will be given to Sole 17 Designs with text and a link directed back to this site. The text and directed link must remain in the sidebar of any blog design done by Sole 17 Designs.

By purchasing a custom Sole 17 Designs blog design, the customer is given the right to display a design by Sole 17 Designs but does not have rights to edit or alter the design in any way. You may add/edit any gadgets or posts on your blog. However, you may not alter or copy any part of a layout or blog design. If at any time you choose to edit or replace any elements from your custom design, you must reset your template and remove all elements designed by Sole 17 Designs.