Meet the designer...

hi! i'm tiffany.
i am a Physician Assistant by trade.
SAHM by choice.
self-taught blog designer.

after four years of working in Head and Neck Surgery at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, i was expecting our first child. in May 2010, Maddox was born. in July 2010, i chose to hang up my scrubs and stay at home with him. it was a bittersweet decision, yet the best one i have ever made.

while my very busy/keep me on my toes all-day-long son is recharging & getting his much needed rest, i am often catching up on my favorite blogs or redesigning my layout! i kinda have blog layout ADD! i can't help it! 

about two years ago, i actually set up a blog design business, but never launched it. i can't remember why...i've been pregnant & had a child since then...amnesia...but, i recently decided to revisit that site & just go with it!

sole 17 designs is my lil' corner of this HUGE blog design world. 

why sole 17?

17 is a significant number in my life. it was my college soccer jersey number, my husband's football jersey number, i married my best friend on July 17th, i went into labor on May 17th, and June 17th was the last day i spent with my sister, Melaney

i want to create a blog layout that is solely yours! unique to you, your family, your passions, your life...

i've found a new hobby in blog design! i want everyone to have a fun & fabulous blog! if you don't know how to change your own layout, or you don't have the time, let me help you :)